Why we hate the wiggles (not the band obviously)

Why we hate the wiggles (not the band obviously)

September 15, 2017 0 Comments

There is little point spending top dollar for a seat if you don’t follow through by using it properly. Kids grow surprisingly fast, so you really do need to keep an eye on how well they fit into their seat.

Ideally their shoulder straps come from slightly above their shoulders, but straight across or even slightly below are fine too. However, if you are pulling their shoulders down when you tighten the straps, it’s time to adjust. Uncomfortable strapping causes the wiggles, and can be very unsafe.

Many newer seats are height adjustable whilst in place in the car, simply refer to your instructions. Some seats need to come out and be re-strapped from the back. Again, check your instructions or call Pearce’s and we will do it for you and re- fit it in the car for just $20.

Your seat may have added head protection that sits inside the frame of the seat, like a motorcycle helmet. This needs to fully enclose their head, and be around 2cm above their shoulders. If it looks like Mickey Mouse ears it’s too high, and if it touches their shoulders it’s too low.

And if it all sounds too hard, come and see us at Pearce’s. We will teach you about your seat and help you keep your kids as safe as can be.