Convertible Car Seats

Infant Seats - Birth to 4 years old

Britax Safe’N’Sound convertible restraints accommodate babies from birth up to 2-3yrs in rearward-facing mode and can then be converted to forward facing for children up to 4-5 years. A separate 30cm extension strap may occasionally be required for a rearward facing seat, depending on the position of your cars’ anchor point. 

At Pearce’s, we believe the best car seat to buy is one that balances safety, practicality and cost.  The Britax Safe’N’Sound Melbourne centre boasts one of only three crash test facilities in Australia, Safe’N’Sound have won numerous design awards, and they also offer restraints to suit every budget.  While we are happy to fit restraints of any brand, we only sell Safe’N’Sound seats.

Safe-n-Sound products are continually awarded the safest ratings in surveys carried out by the NRMA, Choice Magazine and the RMS. Before you buy a restraint anywhere else, compare our prices and remember any restraint bought from us can be fitted for free (excluding on-line purchases).

As a parent, you should choose the restraint that provides the highest possible level of protection and equally importantly, ensure you are using it properly. 

Any restraint purchased in-store from us includes the fitting where we will teach you all the ins and outs of using your seat correctly.  Tightness, adjusting for height, preventing twists, avoiding back strain, correct anchor point location, and taking it apart for a wash – all part of the lesson that comes with each fitting.

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