Harnessed Car Seats

6 months to 8 years

Harnessed Car Seats accommodate children from 6mths to 8yrs with an inbuilt 6 point harness which is used all the way through – rather like a giant infant seat.  The 6mth guide is simply an indicator that this seat only goes forward facing.  It is not recommended to put a child under 12 months in a forward facing restraint.

This type of restraint is relatively new to the market and allows you to keep your child harnessed to 8 years, rather than having to go to a booster at 4-5 years of age.  It is certainly safer to have two straps on the chest rather than one.  Many families have an infant seat for their first child and when a second child comes along, they turn the infant seat back to newborn setting for the baby, and get a 6m to 8yrs seat for the elder child.  This way you have a logical progression of seat ages and stages.

Safe-n-Sound products are continually awarded the safest ratings in surveys carried out by the NRMA, Choice Magazine and the RMS. Before you buy a restraint anywhere else, compare our prices and remember any restraint bought from us can be fitted for free (excluding on-line purchases).

As a parent, you should choose the restraint that provides the highest possible level of protection and equally importantly, ensure you are using it properly.

Any restraint purchased in-store from us includes the fitting where we will teach you all the ins and outs of using your seat correctly.  Tightness, adjusting for height, preventing twists, avoiding back strain, correct anchor point location, and taking it apart for a wash – all part of the lesson that comes with each fitting.

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