Child Restraint Fittings

Sydney’s most recommended child restraint specialists
$50 one seat or capsule
$30 extra seats in the same car


Pearce’s has been an RMS authorised fitting station since 1985, with well over 70,000 kids made safe.


Whether you have a new or second hand restraint, the NRMA and RMS both strongly recommend having your seats properly installed, most particularly with your first child.  As an authorised fitting station, we will inspect your restraint for safety, install it correctly and teach you how to use it.

Restraints purchased from us in-store are fitted for free, and we are happy to fit seats purchased elsewhere for a fee.

We can fit any restraint securely into your car, and always include a comprehensive lesson in its use;

    • Correct location of anchor point
    • Secure and correct fit
    • Tips to get harness straps tight every time
    • How and when to adjust for a growing child
    • How to avoid twists
    • How to take your seat apart for a wash       
    • How to avoid hurting your back and more....

We are professional full-time fitters and can issue you a Restraint Installation Report as required by some maternity departments.

If you have a pre-loved capsule or seat, we can inspect it and ensure it is correctly set up to fit your own child.



Where a vehicle is not fitted with anchor points, such as a dual cab or commercial vehicle, it can usually be modified to provide one or more anchor points.  The vehicle may need substantial work done, and this can only be carried out at our Mona Vale workshop.  P.O.A.



We can inspect your child restraints and vehicle for Family Day Care and issue a written report.

To make an appointment please telephone 9997 4602 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.  Messages may be left after hours and weekends, we are happy to return your call next business day.